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FAKE IDOLS is formed from the union of three well-known and recognized European bands in the hard rock/metal genre (RaintimeSlowmotion Apocalypse and Jar of Bones).

The self-titled debut album (featuring special guest CRUCIFIED BARBARA’s MIA COLDEARTH) was released in May 2014 through Lifeforce Records (Europe/USA) and Bickee Music (Japan).


On stage with: Down, Candlemass, Crucified Barbara, Elvenking, Tygers of Pan Tang, Rhyme

Most important past festivals: Gods of Metal (IT); Hellfest (FR); Prog Power Festival USA; Basinfire Fest (CZ); Dong Open Air (DE); Delirium Fest (FR); European tours: with W.A.S.P; MNEMIC


Tommy Hansen: Helloween, Hatesphere, TNT •
Logan Mader: Machine Head, Soufly, Gojira, Cavalera Conspiracy, Divine Heresy e Roadrunner United •
Andreas Magnusson: The Black Dahlia Murder, Oh Sleeper, Municipal Waste, A.Douches, Converge, Mastodon, Killswitch Engage.

Tomas Lindberg, At the Gates; Jacob Bredhal, Hatesphere; Myke Terry, Bury your Dead; GL Perotti, Extrema; Ettore Rigotti, Disarmonia Mundi.

Scarlet Records; Lifeforce Records; Bieler Bros Records; Replica Records; Soundholic Records; Radtone Records; Tribunal Records.

2016 • FAKE IDOLS • I’m A Fake (official lyric video)

2016 • FAKE IDOLS • Go (The Chemical Brothers’ cover)

2016 • FAKE IDOLS Feat. PHIL CAMPBELL • Mad Fall (official video)

2014 • One way trip (official video)